Art, The Artist, & The Gospel


Who: Musicians, Poets, Painters, Playwrights, Authors, Knitters, Graphic Designers, Anyone who Produces or Consumes Art!
When: Tuesday, May 23 at 7:00 PM
Where: 8950 Ashton Rd., Philadelphia, PA 19136

Please join us for a one-night gathering of Christian artists, aspiring artists, and supporters of the arts where Gary A. Burlingame will lead us in addressing many misconceptions concerning the role and influence of Christians in the arts in our world today.

Please bring a piece of art (poem, painting, musical score, knitted clothing, dance, etc) that you made, that you bought to support an artist, that someone you know made, or that means something to you. We will take time to share art and creative items that have an impact on our lives.

Grace City Church of the Northeast