Youth of Grace City

Growing together in love for God and our neighbors

We work alongside parents, guardians, and mentors to make disciples of students in Jesus’ name. With a flexible, intentional program for ages 10-18, we seek to grow together in love for God and our neighbors to be salt and light in northeast Philadelphia. That’s our mission, and we’d love to have any tween or teen in our area join us. There’s always a Bible study or activity around the corner: Find something on our upcoming calendar and come along!

You can also follow us on Instagram (@youthofgracecity) for announcements, devotionals, and more.

Every youth group is unique in its approach to mentoring its students and offering them things to do. Here’s what you can expect being a part of the Youth of Grace City:

Rich Bible Studies

We set aside time once a month during our regular Sunday morning worship to invest in teaching our teenagers from the Word of God. Our topics are always timely, practical, and centered on the gospel. We also take an evening every few weeks to we meet with specifically with our teens (13+). This allows us the opportunity to minister and study in a deeper and more relevant way with our older students.

Memory-Making Youth Activities

From hikes to gym nights to “is this really happening right now?!” games, we facilitate great ways in a safe and fun environment for your student to goof off and grow together with others their age. And if we’re being honest, our group leaders have as much fun as the teens do. We seek to make memories together, and we’ve found that’s always easier when there’s either pizza or shenanigans are involved — sometimes both.

Intentional Discipleship

Our youth are led by leaders from all stages of life: some young and preparing for ministry, others with teenagers of their own and even more with 20+ years of experience in youth education. Our goal of making disciples in Jesus’ name is lived out each and every week in both group settings as well as 1:1 check-ins, studies and prayer time.

Integrated Worship & Service

Rather than “the next generation” of the church, we believe our students are the church now; and we want them to develop a love for the entire body of Christ, not just their friends. This is why our youth participates in worship with the rest of our church family every Sunday, and why we encourage them in both weekly and organized activities to build relationships with and minister to others in the church outside of the immediate group.