Small Groups

Our small groups meet in homes around our city to encourage each other, learn together, meet spiritual and physical needs connected to the group, and serve the community

What Is A Discipleship Community?

We believe that it is vital to have our lives regularly intersect with other followers of Jesus outside of our Sunday morning gathering. This is why we have organized small groups (usually 8-15 adults) around different neighborhoods in our section of the city and into the suburbs. Each of these groups usually meet 2-3 times per month. When we get together, we study the Bible, pray and care for one another, serve our community, and have fun. Please check out the map below to find a group that meets near where you live or at a time that fits within your schedule. Kids are welcome!

Group Directory

Check out one of the groups below that works well for where you live or when you are able to meet. Please reach out to the contact person for time and location details when you are ready to visit a group for the first time.


Two Sundays a Month at 12:30 PM

Contact Rob: 215-970-4498 

MAYFAIR (Guilford St.)

Two Wednesdays a Month at 7:00 PM

Contact Danny: 219-789-3580


Two Wednesdays a Month at 7:00 PM

Contact Richie: 215-913-1057


Two Wednesdays a Month at 7:00 PM

Contact Joe: 267-584-1602 


Mayfair (Guilford)

Lower Mayfair

Five Points

Ashton Road