Rob Chisholm - May 21, 2017

I Am the Good Shepherd

In the fourth sermon of our I AM series, Rob Chisholm preached from John 10:1-21 teaching us that Jesus is the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep.

Scripture References: John 10:1-21

From Series: "I AM: Jesus in His Own Words"

I AM: Jesus in His Own Words. Who was Jesus really? Was he just a Jewish rabbi with some great ethical teaching who met an untimely demise? Who did he think he was? What did he have to say about who he was, and what did he believe he was on this earth to accomplish? We’re going to look at those questions through the lens of several statements by Jesus as recorded by the apostle John, one of Jesus’ original followers. If you’re new to the Christian faith, even just beginning to check out Jesus and his claims, or whether you’ve been walking with Jesus for years, we hope you’ll be able to join us.

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