Call to Worship God’s Infinite Greatness

We gather to give Jesus the glory he deserves!

Come Praise & Glorify
Scripture Reading :: Ephesians 1:3-14

Confession of Brokenness and Need for Grace

Quiet reflection & confession
Prayer for Grace & the Spirit’s presence

Celebration of God’s Grace

There Is a Fountain
All Glory Be to Christ

Communication of God’s Word

Sermon Text :: Luke 22:24-30
Message :: Jimmy Beevers
The Kingdom of God & The Kingdom of Man

Communion with Jesus & His Body

The Lord’s Supper

Commissioned to Go on Mission with the Gospel


*We are eager for God to meet with us for our good and His glory both in what we have planned and what we have not planned. Therefore, if you believe God’s Spirit would have you share a testimony, prayer, or prophetic word, please text what you believe you are being led to share to 267.289.1077 and wait for a reply or see the pastor overseeing the ministry microphone. He will be standing toward the right side of the building. Please wear a mask or maintain distance when speaking with him.